The role of the R community in the Research Software Engineering (RSE) movement

What does a Research Software Engineer (RSE) who uses R do? How can we promote RSE career paths? How can we identify and highlight which funders are most research software friendly? How can we increase visibility of RSEs in the R community? Could we develop a podcast on ‘meet the R-engineers’ or collaborate with an existing R podcast? What should a book “Research Software Engineering with R” contain? How do we develop an RSE for R users community?

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It Doesn't Just Happen

“Not very probable,” is what we would have said only a few years ago when asked as statisticians, about the chances that our working environment, our work and peers equate to a diverse, inclusive and remarkably social community. Still though, all of this continues to happen within a discipline that is built on focused, cerebral work and spending countless hours in front of computer screens. A Journey Through a Wonderful Community Ecosystem We thank community leaders Laura Acion, Shelmith Kariuki, Yanina Bellini Saibene, Heather Turner and GSoC scholar Ben Ubah for their input and time as well as Beatriz Milz for her help with our research.

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