Welcome Margot, the Marmot!

useR! 2021 Key Visual From MiR to R-Ladies and AfricaR, Margot got 'em all – fashionable scarfs. #RStats world, please welcome our latest addition to the team. Say hi to Margot, the Marmot. Margot is a cosmopolitan gnawer with roots around the globe. She spent the early days of her life in Northern Africa and Europe. The idea to replace the traditional pictures of locations in useR! material with an animal was first brought up by Fodil in our Slack space.

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How the useR! 2021 Team Came Together

Almost two weeks ago, we announced that useR! 2021 will be a global, virtual conference. As a result we are working together with the R Foundation to extend our the current team to become a truly global team. Time for us to look back, look back at how we found together as a team and how useR! 2021 came together. A Protocol We created this blog to onboard you onto the journey to a global, virtual useR!

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