Welcome to useR! 2021

It’s on. 5 Days of R!

Enter Your Session Through Conftool

Note: You have to be logged in to conftool in order to see the links to sessions. Please do not share the sessions links with unregistered people.

Where is What ?

Participation starts in Chat. This is where everyone from everywhere meets. From Buenos Aires to Zurich. From Nairobi to Sydney. From Keynote Speaker to helping hand. From core developer to casual useR. Our Chat is a lightweight, mobile & screen reader friendly chat platform to make sure the hurdle to take part and interact is as low as possible for everyone. Talk to the R community, start calls, join tutorials or talks or reach out for help. The chat is where we meet during this week of R!

  • We meet and gather in our chat. This is also where you find the links to all webinars and streams
  • Keynotes will be streamed on YouTube and also have corresponding chat channels

  • Regular talks will take place in zoom sessions, but als be streamed to YouTube, again they have chat channels

  • Elevator pitches and panels will take place in zoom webinars

  • Panels will take place in zoom webinars

  • Tutorials will take place on zoom, participation and join links will be shared with registered participants.

  • Incubators will take place in zoom sessions /w breakout rooms.

  • We offer an infrastructure to start jitsi calls for smaller groups, e.g., during breaks (simply run /jitsi Anna Nick to start a video call with Nick and Anna)

Please make sure you do not leak any non-public links to unregistered participants

Important useR! 2021 Guidelines

Code of Conduct

5 Days of More Than R - Our Social Events

Our social programs starts before useR! 2021 even begins! Make sure to say hi at one of our Welcome and Navigation Guide sessions or share your thoughts on useR! in our My First useR! session. Our social program includes yoga classes, cartoon art tutorials, community events, a trivia and a movie screening. Learn more on our social events page! useR! is looking forward to hang out with you!

What’s a Marmot?

A marmot is whistling gnawer living in mountain regions mostly. In a nod to Switzerland and the city of Zurich maRmots became the mascot of useR! 2021. During useR! 2021, maRmots will scurry around the conference, mostly in our Chat always on the look out to help you. If you have questions, can’t find a virtual room or channel, have a technical problem or are lost otherwise, contact one of your maRmots sending them a direct message (DM).

Thanks to …

We would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors, partners and all the volunteers that made the global virtual adventure that useR! 2021 is possible. What a team effort !